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Access to the Electronic Textbooks you need!Our eTextbooks are accessible on any device IOS and Android. Study smarter, carry less, and read your eTextbooks anywhere!

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Versatile Learning
Easily adaptable into any time or schedule. Interactive electronic textbooks, it’s a thousand more convenient.

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Smarter Options Highlight, Self Test, Challenge Learning, Priority Learning Areas and a labyrinth of other features, focused on the controls you need.

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Customize Everything, Including the Chapters!Build specific textbooks for multiple-courses, include or exclude various chapters.

McGrawHill Create

With smartbooks, Lectures can easily make their own version of a textbook. Add, edit and remove chapters from textbooks, include your own notes, study material, and objectives. This options is only available to lectures, so be sure to tell them about it. As it will result in reduce etextbook cost to the student!

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Lab Coats

Starting at BDS$75

Bundle your lab-coat with an accessory or textbook to save!

Virtual Lab!Think like a scientist with Learn Smart Labs. McGraw Hill’s adaptive and interactive … Simulation – Anatomy and Physiology REVEALED Interactive Lab


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Book Line is a textbook rental & loans company located in the island of Barbados, which seeks to provide a variety of good quality textbooks spanning across varying genres at the lowest prices possible. BookLine. For Students By Students.