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Rent Textbooks!

Save 60% or more with Book Line – The College Life Line by simply renting all your required textbooks each semester.

Earn While You Learn


Earn & Learn!

As a company designed “By Students For Students” we understand that money is hard to come by. Therefore, Book Line has created a marketplace just for you to make some easy cash. Create an account on our website and get started.

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Ebooks & SmartBooks

Study with eBooks!!

Access to the Electronic Textbooks you need! Our eTextbooks are accessible on any device IOS and Android. Study smarter, carry less, and read your eTextbooks anywhere!

SmartBooks Available – $155.00

Fundamentals of Corporate Finance 10th Edition
Operations Management 12th Edition
Managerial Accounting 15th Edition
International Business 9th Edition

Virtual Classroom

Virtual Lab!

Think like a scientist with Learn Smart Labs. McGraw Hill’s adaptive and interactive Simulation – Anatomy and Physiology REVEALED Interactive Lab

To see a demo click the following http://www.mhhe.com/APR/aprvideo/APRoverviewnewfeatures/APRoverviewnewfeatures.html

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Stationery and Lab Materials

Lab Coats

Starting at BDS$75

Bundle your lab-coat with an accessory or textbook to save!

Professional Development

Online Professional Development!

Book Line has formed strategic partnerships which will provide professional development opportunities for all. Study online at your pace and in the convenience of your own home. Take mock exams in an effort to prepare for the final exams. For more information feel free to send an email to service@yourbookline.com.

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What We’re About

Book Line is a student focused company located in the island of Barbados, which seeks to provide a variety of good high quality services which save students money and time. BookLine. For Students By Students.